Our Approach

The founder of our company, Helene Stolzenberg, is a pro in communication. She has worked several years as a strategic communication consultant for large international companies, the German government and several German federal ministries. She studied Communication and Anthropology in Berlin and in the USA. By combining these two disciplines, she developed a deep understanding of company culture and brand identities.

By building and developing Nordliebe, Helene learned more and more about the importance of cultural translation. Together with her excellent Nordliebe buying team, she established strong ties with her trading partners. As Nordliebe grew, the team was able to built a close and valuable communication with their Nordic partner. This enabled Helene to learn first hand about the needs and challenges of brand building in a foreign market. As a result from these excellent communication ties, Nordliebe developed a cultural approach to position new brands in the DACH-market.

When we start working with a client, we make sure we are on the same page. It is crucial for us to understand the core of our clients brand and what they aim for us. This is the basis of everything that comes next. Good work needs a stable fundament. This means that in the first phase of our collaboration, we communicate a lot. We learn from our clients, we get to know their processes and we understand their brand identity. In our point of view, it is important to build a broad base so that from there we can build a coherent and sustainable strategy. We work very close with our clients and develop strategy together. All along this way, we always stay in close contact, evaluating our progress, making sure we are all in the same boat rowing in the same direction.

We see that the DACH-market has a huge potential for Scandinavian brands. By targeting German speakers in Europe, a brand faces almost 98 million potential customers. As lovely as that sounds, the DACH region is a tricky market, that follows different rules than the Scandinavian market. Therefore, we believe it is wise, to have an experienced captain with a good map on board and a far sight when you set sail.

If you plan such a journey, we are happy to support you with our expertise. Please get in touch with us through: agency@nordliebe.com